Pop quiz: what comes to mind when you think of Dallas?

Do you picture a desert through which cowboys and longhorns run and eat cacti? Perhaps a boooooring city that is all business and no fun? Or even not much of a landscape at all, just another dot on your map of the United States? 

If so, prepare to be disappointed.

DalWalk was founded on one sole principle: to make Dallas's culture known to its residents and visitors. On an typical DalWalk tour, you will meet your guide at an open place before embarking on a 1-2 hour walk in a particular area. Uncover the story behind modern developments on our Downtown Development Tour or explore Dallas's trendiest cultural hub on our Deep Ellum Historical Tour. Wherever you want to go in the central Dallas area, we will take you there.

Did we mention our tours are free?

Yes, our tours are one-hundred percent free and available to anybody. At DalWalk, we believe that no human being should be limited from learning about our city simply because of budget constraints. If you are pleased with your tour or just really liked your guide, you can make a donation once the tour is over (suggested donation: $7 per person).

Note: Each tour is expected to hold between ten and twenty participants and will vary based on the day’s weather. We will send you reminders on what to bring to your tour if you have booked one.    

That's enough talk. Let's DalWalk!

Your guide


Originally from Moscow, Russia, Alex moved to Dallas at a young age. After finding himself in a city with countless peculiarities and fascinating people, he grew to accept Dallas as his spiritual home.

Alex founded DalWalk after participating in several walking tours in cities across the U.S. and Europe. Through such tours, he learned more about the cities' cultures and histories than any guidebooks could teach. Ignited by a personal passion for education, Alex decided to bring such tours to his home, a city he feels deserves far more cultural recognition. 

A student at the School for the Talented and Gifted at Townview, Alex enjoys studying English, history, and computer science. When he is not developing interesting tours or working on other educational programs, you can find him volunteering in the city or jamming with his band, The Boojis.

DalWalk Brochure

Businesses and professionals may download the official 2017-2018 DalWalk Introductory Brochure. This brochure covers a multitude of information about the project, including its history, financials, and tour descriptions.