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Tim O., Moscow, Russia

"I didn't expect to walk so much and also learn so much from just one tour. A DalWalk free walking tour is seriously eyeopening." 

Jen W., Dallas

"Our guide Alex was funny and energetic throughout, and he informed us of many things we didn't know ourselves! Highly recommended."

James M., Austin

"What I liked most about the tour was how direct it was. No nonsense, just down to earth facts and stories about a city with wonderful people and an intriguing culture."

Alex H., Dallas

"Coming from the suburbs, I've never really gotten to see Dallas as a city itself. If you need to know anything at all about the city, look no further than DalWalk."

Oscar R., Fort Worth

"I stopped by one of the tours after a recent trip to Dallas. My kids, my wife, and me- we all enjoyed it. It felt like walking on the treadmill with a history book in hand."

Alan B., New Orleans

"Beautiful and very well coordinated tour. A must if you are visiting the Dallas area. Five stars!"

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